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India Today

6-Month Investment Plan

Earn up to 13% p.a.
Invest with as little as Rs 500
Option to auto-invest at maturity

Icon Over ₹ 50,000 invested every minute

India Today India Today
India Today

3-Month Investment Plan

Earn up to 12% p.a.
Invest with as little as Rs 500
Option to auto-invest at maturity

Icon Over 4,000 investors investing every day

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Up to 2x Returns

Non-market-linked investment options from 13Karat have the potential to yield returns twice as high as FD savings.

Mitigate Risk

13Karat partners with RBI-registered P2P NBFCs to handle investor funds, allocating them to a hyper-diversified borrower pool, hence minimizing risk.

Assured Trust

Funds invested are in escrow accounts monitored by an RBI-regulated trustee

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Tera FAQ's

What is 13Karat?

13Karat is an Invest-Tech platform owned by Sqrrl Fintech Pvt. Ltd. It has entered into an agreement with RBI-registered P2P NBFCs namely Lendbox and RupeeCircle that have the necessary licenses to conducting Peer to Peer (P2P) lending activities. Through proprietary technological solutions, 13Karat streamlines the process of investing in the offerings of P2P NBFCs, allowing users to potentially earn returns of up to 13% per annum. However, it is important to note that this facilitation does not constitute investment advice or a recommendation to invest in any specific scheme(s) of P2P NBFCs.

It is pertinent to note that any investments made on the 13Karat platform are subject to the policies, terms, conditions, and regulations stipulated by the respective P2P NBFCs.

How will my money be deployed between different borrowers?

Our NBFC partners carefully assess hundreds of data points related to income and expense behavior before selecting borrowers to whom we lend your money. Your funds will be divided into small chunks as small as Rs. 10 and distributed among a pool of borrowers. This approach helps mitigate risk and diversify your investments.

Who can invest in 13Karat? Can NRIs invest?

Anyone in India who is 18 years or older, whether resident or non-resident, with an active PAN Card and an Indian bank account, can invest with 13Karat. NRIs can also invest through their NRO bank account. We are also planning to open our platform to corporates for investing in the near future.

Is there a fee for investing in 13Karat?

No, we don’t charge any investment fee or commission for deposits at 13Karat.

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