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Today, investors have a number of avenues to grow their money, whether for their short-term or long-term financial goals. However, those who are looking for quicker returns often invest in short-term investment plans.

If you are someone who seeks to grow money over a short duration, then the short-term investment plans for 3 months are perfect for you. Scroll down and learn in detail about these 3-month investment plans and what you must consider before you begin your journey.

What Is a Short-Term Investment?

Short-term investments are for those who have immediate financial goals and who look for low-risk investment options. In short-term investments, you can earn quick returns over a short period, unlike long-term investments where you need to wait for months or years to get the returns.

Best Short Term Investment Plans For 3 Months

Here are the best short-term investment plans for 3 months you can consider:

Fixed Deposits (FDs)
Fixed deposits offered by banks and financial institutions are popular options in India as they are low-risk investments. Here, you deposit a certain amount for a fixed period and in return, you earn interest over the invested amount. If you are looking for a 3-month investment plan with competitive interest rates and flexible withdrawal options, then you can always go with FDs.

Recurring Deposits (RDs)
Another popular way to grow your wealth within a short period is recurring deposits (RDs). This investment plan is similar to FDs, however, the deposit frequency is recurring in RDs. It means that you can deposit a fixed amount in your RDs at regular intervals.

Post Office Term Deposits
You can also consider post office term deposits as they offer fixed interest rates for different tenures. You can choose your investment tenure depending on your financial goals. As these deposits are backed by the government, they make for a safe investment option for low-risk investors.

Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Lending
P2P lending, one of the best investment plans for 3 months, has geared up in the last couple of years. With the help of P2P platforms like 13Karat, you can directly connect with borrowers and eventually lend money for 3 months. With the 13Karat 3-month investment plan, you can earn higher returns of up to 12% on your investment, with a lock-in period of 3 months.

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Debt Mutual Funds
Debt mutual funds invest in fixed-income securities such as government bonds and corporate bonds. These funds are perfect to earn stable returns over time. Moreover, these funds are less volatile and hence, less risky in comparison to equity funds. You can choose the maturity period as per your investment capacity.

Returns On 3 Month Investment Plans
The returns on short-term investment plans for 3 months vary based on the investment type and market conditions. Regardless, here’s the return rate for various 3-month investment plans:

  • Fixed deposits- returns range from 4% to 7%
  • Post office time deposits- approximately 7.1%
  • Peer-to-peer lending- up to 13%
  • Recurring deposit- 2.5% to 8.5%

Things to Consider While Investing In 3 Month Investment Plans

3 Month short term investing

  • Make sure you assess your profile and understand the risks associated with various investment options before investing in 3-month plans
  • Check the lock-on period for your investment
  • Look for tax-efficient options to maximise your returns
  • Go with the investment option that aligns with your budget and financial goals
  • Check for all charges associated with the investment


Investing in short-term investment plans for 3 months is the perfect way to grow your wealth and get good returns in a brief period. If you are looking for maximum returns, then consider investing in peer-to-peer lending.

Download the 13Karat app right away and begin your P2P investment journey. These short-term investments will surely help you achieve your financial goals within a short period.